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The Publicity and Promotions Division is responsible for government publications, promotional campaigns, advertisements, creative and design work and government photography. This division basically serves two purposes. It is a service-support division for the Information Services Department (ISD) and other government departments and at the same time acts as an executive arm with regard to public service advertising.

The Division has four Sub-divisions: Local Promotions, Creative, International Promotions and Publications Sales and Administration.

(A) Local Promotions Sub-division

The ISD, through the Local Promotions Sub-division, is the Government's publicity adviser, with officers serving different bureaux and departments and responsible for specific local publicity campaigns.


The sub-division assists with the planning and implementation of large-scale government publicity campaigns and supporting promotional programmes to educate the public on issues of major concern and create awareness of civic responsibility.

Television and radio play an important role in conveying publicity messages and the subdivision is responsible for scheduling and making arrangements for the broadcasting of Government publicity messages known as Announcements in the Public Interest (APIs) on television and radio.

Social media and the Internet have been used widely to get across publicity messages, both in the form of text and video. More games and quizzes are being used where appropriate to make the promotions more interesting and interactive. Extensive use is also made of newspaper advertising, vantage point advertising, exhibitions, TV and radio programmes, print materials, documentaries, roadshows and other community involvement activities to drive home the campaign messages.

Editorial and Internet Resource Section

The Editorial and Internet Resource (E&IR) Section consists of the Editorial Unit, the Photo Library and the Internet Resource Centre.

Editorial Unit

The Editorial Unit is responsible for the writing, editing and distribution of various types of publications, including the Hong Kong Yearbook, Hong Kong Fact Sheets series and Hong Kong In Brief.



Hong Kong Yearbook is a publication on Hong Kong which contains all the official facts and figures of the year under review plus general information about Hong Kong. Its Internet version is also available on the Government Homepage.

Hong Kong Fact Sheets, covering a wide range of subjects in Hong Kong, are updated on the Internet regularly.

Hong Kong In Brief, is a handy publication providing general information as well as facts and figures about Hong Kong. This annual publication is useful in giving overseas visitors a general impression of Hong Kong.

Photo Library and Photo Sales

The Photo Library is the archive of the Government's photographic material which contains substantial archive of historical and topical photos in negatives, transparencies and prints dating back to the 1890s.

It is located at Room 626, 6/F, North Point Government Offices, 333 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong.

Copies of photographs are available to the public, on payment of certain charges.


Staff of the E&IR Section handles enquiries on the reproduction of Government photographic material. Reproduction of material is subject to permission and the payment of fees as appropriate.An online photo sales system ( was launched in August 2017, which made it easier for members of the public to access Government’s photo archives without boundaries.

Internet Resource Centre (IRC)

The Internet Resource Centre shares the responsibility for maintaining the Government, Law and Order cluster in the GovHK portal (, and thematic websites under ISD’s purview.

The IRC is closely involved in the live webcast of press conferences and other important events, and handles the archiving of such webcasts.

(B) Creative Sub-division

The Creative Sub-division is responsible for all government design and display services, and film and photographic work. It develops creative concepts and produces designs, illustrations, artwork, photographs, videos and films for the Government's major campaigns and departmental publicity programmes, as well as the ISD’s newsroom operations.


The Sub-division has three sections. The Design and Display Section designs a wide range of items including books, posters, newsletters, pamphlets, leaflets, advertisements, banners, logos, exhibition booths, display panels, mascots, backdrops, event programmes, souvenirs and government documents.

The Audio-visual Section produces a variety of programmes to publicise government promotional, educational and informational messages. Programmes include documentary videos and TV and radio APIs (Announcements in the Public Interest). Some APIs have won international awards for excellence. The Video Production Team of the section also supplies footage of government press conferences, briefings and events for broadcast on the Internet.

The Photographic Section provides photographic services to all Government policy bureaux and departments. Photographs are mostly used in publications, publicity materials and APIs. News or publicity photos are issued to the media through the Digital Photo System, which allows on-line searching and downloading of government photos.

(C) International Promotions Sub-division

The International Promotions Sub-division helps organise major promotional activities outside Hong Kong, covering major cities in target countries. The promotions employ a multi-faceted approach comprising high-level business conferences, keynote addresses, political calls and tourism promotions as well as social, networking and cultural events.

(D) Publications Sales and Administration Sub-division

The Publications Sales and Administration Sub-division handles most of the saleable publications produced by the Government and places official notices in newspapers on behalf of bureaux/departments.


Publications Sales

A sales counter of the Publications Sales Unit is set up in Room 626, 6/F, North Point Government Offices, 333 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong. It is open from Monday to Friday, 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm (except Public Holidays). The majority of the popular items, including ordinances and subsidiary legislations, are available.

Members of the public may also purchase Government publications by:


The Advertising Unit is the Government's advertising agent, placing official notices in newspapers on behalf of bureaux/departments.

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