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2020 Policy Address Public Consultation (Web accessible version)

Description of Visuals:  The Announcement in the Public Interest begins with several daytime shots of Hong Kong, including a view of the both sides of Victoria Harbour from the Peak, the Central Ferry Piers and the Hong Kong Observation Wheel, as well as fast forward footage of two Star Ferries crossing Victoria Harbour and a view over Hong Kong Island.

A series of close-up shots then shows different pairs of hands using a tablet, a wireless landline phone and a mobile phone.

A narrator starts to speak:
MVO:  The Government is conducting a public consultation on the 2020 Policy Address.
Description of Visuals:  Close-up shots then show different pairs of hands typing on a keyboard of a desktop computer, writing a letter, typing on a keyboard of a laptop, and dialling numbers through a landline phone and a mobile phone.

The narrator continues:
MVO:  Please share your views on different policy areas.
Description of Visuals:  The screen shows the Central Government Offices complex and the Chief Executive's Office.

The narrator continues:
MVO:  We are willing to listen and engage.
Description of Visuals:  The end shot shows the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region emblem, as well as text that says "2020 Policy Address Public Consultation", "", the hotline number 2432 1899, and search bar icons of social media with the words "policyaddress2020" keyed in.

The narrator says his closing remarks:
MVO:  For details, please visit the website

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