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Remember to run, hide and report if you come across a violent attack (Web accessible version)

Description of visuals:  The opening shot shows a black private car running towards the taxi pick-up and drop-off area of a shopping mall. It then brakes sharply and stops at the entrance of the mall. Attackers in the car load their guns, open a large travel bag with a bomb in it, and get out of the car. They fire two shots at the glass door of the entrance. The glass door shatters, and one of the attackers detonates the taxi parked at the pick-up and drop-off area. The voiceover says:
MVO:  This is not a movie trailer. This could happen in real life.
Description of visuals:  The explosives cause huge blazes, and the mall is filled with smoke. The people in the mall run towards different directions while the attackers follow behind and threaten them with guns. The super of the three words "Run, Hide, Report" appears on the screen. The voiceover says:
MVO:  If you come across a violent attack, remember to run, hide, report.
Description of visuals:  The shot shows a coffee shop in the mall. One of the attackers threatens the people using a knife. Most of the people run away from the attackers while a young man holding a mobile phone stays there. The super of the word "Run" appears on the ground of the mall. The voiceover says:
MVO:  Run. Leave immediately via a safe route.
Description of visuals:  The young man secretly takes videos with his phone behind the coffee shop’s cashier desk. The next shot shows the screen of the young man’s mobile phone and sees that the attacker spots the young man and immediately smashes his mobile phone with the knife handle. While the young man stays there checking his mobile phone, another adult man passes by and pulls the young man away. Together they escape from the scene. The voiceover says:
MVO:  Do not stay to shoot photographs or videos.
Description of visuals:  Then, people run upstairs along two escalators. The super of the word "Hide" appears by the escalators. The voiceover says:
MVO:  Hide. If you cannot leave the scene,
Description of visuals:  The people run out of the restaurant. They keep looking for safe route to escape. A man wearing a suit run into a room to hide with a man and a lady. They lock the door immediately. The voiceover says:
MVO:  take cover.
Description of visuals:  The lady in the room is frightened and keeps sobbing. The two men gesture to remind her not to make any sound. In another room, someone mutes his mobile phone while another person adjusts the brightness of her phone screen to the darkest. The voiceover says:
MVO:  Do not use any sound-emitting or luminous devices.
Description of visuals:  The scene changes to the outer area of the mall. Through the glass window, the shot shows that the three attackers are leaving the mall along the escalator. Three people quietly open a door to escape from the mall. The super of the word "Report" appears on that door. The lady at the front slowly opens the door to check the prevailing situation. After confirming that the attackers have left, she calls the emergency hotline 999 to report to the police. The voiceover says:
MVO:  Report. Call the Police when you are safe.
Description of visuals:  Then, the super of the three words "Run, Hide, Report" appears on the black screen again. The voiceover says:
MVO:  Remember: Run, hide, report
Description of visuals:  At the end, the logo of Inter-departmental Counter Terrorism Unit appears on the screen.

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