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Stop violence  Think rationally (Web accessible version)

Description of Visuals:  The screen shows the night vista of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour.
The shot pulls wide, showing that the picture is mounted in a frame with a glass pane.
The voice-over says:
MVO:  Violence won't solve a problem.
Description of Visuals:  A brick is thrown towards the picture, breaking the frame and the glass pane.
The glass pane is further smashed with a metal baseball bat.
The voice-over says:
MVO:  Violence won't change us for the better.
Description of Visuals:  Then someone sprays black paint onto the picture.
After red paint is splashed onto the picture, someone spills petrol on it. Subsequently, the picture is on fire.
The voice-over says:
MVO:  Please, think deeply
Violence only fosters hate and damage but nothing else
Description of Visuals:  The screen turns black. Then a child's hands place a motion picture of a daytime scene of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour in the middle of a white screen.
The voice-over says:
MVO:  Stop violence.
Think rationally.
Description of Visuals:  After a man puts a glass pane on the picture, a pair of hands appear at the left, putting a frame on the picture.
Then there are four pairs of hands, an elderly person's, a man's, a woman's and a child's. They withdraw after securing the frame to the picture.
The voice-over says:
MVO:  Rebuild Hong Kong for the next generation.
Description of Visuals:  Finally, the text above the picture says, "Stop violence Think rationally". The Hong Kong Special Administration Region emblem is shown in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

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