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Smart Cooking Brings Healthier Diet

Pork Chop: Aiyaah! Hot oil!
Eggplant: That’s not healthy
Frying, grilling, roasting and baking at high temperatures
Pork: can generate harmful substances
Housewife: Do you have any better ways to cook?
Zucchini: The Centre for Food Safety has smart cooking ideas
Onion : Avoid very high temperature or overcooking
Eggplant: Steaming and boiling are healthier!
Zucchini : Give me a hot bath!
Fish : A sauna for me!
Broccoli : Less frying, grilling, roasting or baking
and more steaming or boiling are better! 
Super: Safe and smart cooking
Smart Cooking Brings Healthier Diet
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
Centre for Food Safety
Pork Chop: Parboil me before we go for a fry!
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