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Prevent avian influenza. Always maintain good hygiene and eat safely

Friend A:  Gigi, what do we have for dinner tonight?
Gigi Wong:  I’ve prepared a chicken
Friend B:  When handling fresh and chilled poultry
we must follow steps to prevent avian influenza
Gigi Wong:  Yes. Good hygiene is important
When buying live chickens
never touch them and do not blow at their bottoms
After handling poultry and eggs
do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth
Clean your hands and the utensils used
Core temperature of food should reach 75 degrees Celsius
Super:  75oC
Child:  Eggs should be fully cooked too
Gigi Wong:  Don’t eat undercooked food
Super:  Prevent avian influenza
Always maintain good hygiene and eat safely
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

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