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Safe Use of Mildly Flammable Refrigerant Household Air Conditioners

Dad: With this height, it's a perfect match
The apartment's got enough space too
Mom: When am I going to meet him?
Daughter: Mum! We're talking about air-conditioners
This one uses a new type of eco-friendly refrigerant
Salesman: Yes, the refrigerant helps reduce the impact on global warming
Daughter: But we're still not sure about this flame label
Salesman: Don't worry
It'll be fine if you follow the manufacturer's requirements
on room size and installation height
Don't forget: installation and maintenance must be performed
by the manufacturer's agents or trained technicians
Daughter: For details, visit the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department website
Super: Pay attention when installing and
maintaining air-conditioners
using new eco-friendly refrigerant


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