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Five Keys to Food Safety

Super:  Five Keys to Food Safety
MVO:  Antimicrobial-resistant bugs can be transmitted through food
Super:  1 Choose wisely
MVO:  To prevent bugs, choose fresh and hygienic raw food
Super:  2 Keep clean
MVO:  Wash hands and utensils before and after handling food
Super:  3 Separate raw and cooked food
MVO:  Use separate knives and chopping boards for raw and cooked food
and store foods separately
Super:  Cooked
Super:  4 Cook thoroughly
MVO:  Cook food thoroughly
until its core temperature reaches 75 degrees Celsius
Super:  75oC
Super:  5 Keep food at safe temperature
4oC or below
Above 60oC
MVO:  Keep food at a safe temperature of 4 degrees C or below
or above 60 degrees C
Follow the 5 Keys to Food Safety to prevent bugs
Super:  Follow the 5 Keys to Food Safety to Prevent Bugs
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
Centre for Food Safety
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