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Follow smart and healthy drinking water habits

Simon Yam: Let me boil some water
Dave: Hold on!
Let Water Save Dave give you some advice
Super: Water Use Tips
Dave: If water has been standing in pipes for a long time
sediment may build up
Simon Yam: I know
Let water run from the tap for at least two minutes
Super: 2 mins
Simon Yam: Remember, don't waste the water
It can be used for watering plants or cleaning
Super: Floor mopping / Window cleaning /Cup Washing /Plant watering
Dave: Hot water can make more impurities
leach from pipes and fittings
Only use cold water from the tap
You should do this as well
when you want to boil or cook with water
Simon Yam: Always follow smart
Dave: and healthy drinking water habits
Super: Follow smart and healthy drinking water habits
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