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Healthy Lunch

Mum: Hurry up! Get changed and go to school.
Son: I don't want to!
Mum: Do you want to taste my "strap sandwich"!
Son: Oh no! That's not healthy!
Mum: I know! For a balanced diet, a lunch should be of a 3:2:1 ratio.
That means the ratio of rice or pasta to vegetables to meat should be 3 to 2 to 1.
Season with less salt, sugar and oil;
and cook by steaming, baking and boiling. It’s healthier!
Son: What about having steamed rice with vegetables and pork?
Mum: It's time to get changed and go to school!
Son/Super: 321 Healthy Lunch
Suitable for Everyone
Endsuper: Centre for Health Protection
Hotline: 2833 0111
Department of Health