Damage and impacts caused by violent protests since June 2019

Damaged MTR stations - 85 MTR stations, 62 Light Rail (LR) stations Vandalised MTR facilities - Exit/entry gates (about 1,959 times), Ticket-issuing machines, Octopus add-value machines & enquiry machines, facilities in customer service centres (1156 times), LR Octopus fare processors (1,502 times),CCTV cameras (about 1,283 times), Escalators (75 times), Elevators (about 114 times), Glass panel walls (1,159 times), Roller shutters at station entrances / exits (212 times) Damaged / removed /stolen on-street facilities - 730 sets of traffic lights (about 1500 times), 42 street lamps, 52,100 metres of walkway railings, About 20,750 metre square of paving blocks on footpaths, About 1200 litter containers (about 1 million dollars in reinstallation), Over 920 temporary plastic barriers & 1,700 water-filled barriers (over 23 million dollars in maintenance and replacement work) Suspended / closed cultural and recreational facilities under LCSD - Leisure venues (more than 3,700 occasions), Cultural venues (more than 1,200 occasions) Transportation services being affected that required truncation / diversion - Over 600 franchised bus routes, Over 360 green minibuses routes, All tram routes