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The Integrated Scheme for Local Domestic Helper

  (Kwok = Amy Kwok Lau = Lau Ching-wan)
    [Sound of television]
Kwok: Let's prepare dinner!
Lau (VoiceOver): 23174567
Lau: While I prepare the dinner, you clean the floor!
Kwok: That's easy!
Kwok (VoiceOver): 23174567!
   [SFX: Doorbell's ringing]
Domestic Helper: Mr & Mrs Lau, did you call 2317 4567,the hotline of the Integrated Scheme for Local Domestic Helpers of Employees Retraining Boardto look for a helper?
Kwok: That's it!
Kwok: 2317 turn things right!
Lau: 4567 ease your life!
Domestic Helper: Here're your keys!
Endsuper: Local Domestic Helper Scheme
Free Referral of Local Domestic Helpers
Hotline: 2317 4567
Employees Retraining Board