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Lowering Eligible Age of the $2 Scheme to 60 (year 1958)

Super: Born in 1958
Everyone: Happy birthday!
Friend A: JoyYou Card?
Super: Hong Kong residents
aged 60 to 64
Apply for a JoyYou Card
to enjoy the $2 Scheme
Apply now
JoyYou Card
Patrick Dunn: It's time for you to get one!
Super: February 27

Logo of $2 Scheme
Government Public Transport
Fare Concession Scheme
for the Elderly and
Eligible Persons with Disabilities
Patrick Dunn: From February 27 next year
the eligible age of the $2 Scheme
Super: 65 → 60
Patrick Dunn: will be lowered to 60
Super: Born in 1958
Patrick Dunn: Hong Kong residents born in 1958
Super: Apply for JoyYou Cards
from September 1 to 30, 2021
Patrick Dunn: can apply for JoyYou Cards in September
Super: Octopus App
Patrick Dunn: via the Octopus App or by mail
to enjoy the $2 Scheme
Super: JoyYou Card
Super: Aged 60 to 64?
Get a JoyYou Card for Logo of $2 Scheme rides!

JoyYou Card
Enquiries: 2266 2222
HKSAR Emblem   Labour and Welfare Bureau
Patrick Dunn: Visit the JoyYou Card webpage
or call 2266 2222 for details

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