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The Chief Executive's 2021 Policy Address

MVO: The Chief Executive has announced the 2021 Policy Address
With the support of the Central Government
Hong Kong is back on the right track of "One Country, Two Systems"
The National Security Law of Hong Kong has restored social stability
Super: 2021 Policy Address
National Security Law
MVO: The improved electoral system
will ensure "patriots administering Hong Kong"
Super: Improved Electoral System
MVO: Hong Kong will continue to leverage its unique advantages
gather talents from around the world
and boost its economy
Super: Finance and Trade
Legal Services and IP Trading
Innovation and Technology
Arts and Culture
Transportation and Aviation
MVO: With the artificial islands in the Central Waters
and the Northern Metropolis Development Strategy
the Government will fundamentally resolve the problem
of land and housing shortage
Super: Artificial Islands in the Central Waters
Northern Metropolis
Resolving the Land and Housing Problem
MVO: and create a better living environment
Building a bright future together
The 2021 Policy Address
Super: HKSAR Emblem
Building a Bright Future
2021 Policy Address

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