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Protect Yourself and Others Get Vaccinated Series (Senior Members)

Ms Li: I got vaccinated after she did
We don't feel unwell
Super: Ms Li  73 years old
Ms Duen  75 years old
Ms Luk  80 years old
Ms Wong  83 years old
Ms Luk: We had flu shots
Now we've had COVID jabs as well!
Super: Ms Luk  80 years old
Ms Au: I took doctors' advice that those with diseases
and on long-term medication can get vaccinated
if they don't have big issues
Super: Ms Au  78 years old
Mr. Ning: There's nothing to worry about
At our age, if we get COVID-19
and fall seriously ill, it's big trouble!
Super: Mr Ning  89 years old
Ms. Ng: Of course I went ahead
Super: Ms Ng  100 years old
Ms. Ng: Of course I went ahead
I want to go to yum cha and see my grandchildren!
All elderly talents: We all got vaccinated
Fellow seniors, let's get the jabs early
Super: The Elderly Should Receive
COVID-19 Vaccination
Protect Yourself

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