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Early Vaccination for All Series (Hong Kong Athletes)

Kaylin Hsieh:  To win, we need to work together
Super:  Fencing Athlete
HSIEH Kaylin Sin Yan
Wu Siu-hong:  To beat the pandemic
and return to normal life
Chan Ho-yuen:  everyone should get vaccinated against COVID-19!
Kaylin Hsieh:  No matter how young or fit we are
we may still be infected
Wu Siu Hong:  The disease may also have long-term impacts on our health!
Super:  Tenpin Bowling Athlete
WU Siu Hong
Chan Ho-yuen:  Vaccination provides protection to ward off new strains of the virus
Super:  Para Badminton Athlete
CHAN Ho Yuen
Wu siu-hong:  For the health of yourself
Chan Ho-yuen:  and your family
Kaylin Hsieh:  and the resumption of normal life, go for it!
Chan Ho-yuen:  To beat the pandemic
Wu siu-hong:  we will win
Kaylin Hsieh:  by getting vaccinated together!
Super:  Early Vaccination for All
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