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Protect Yourself and Others  Get Vaccinated Series (Episode 3)

SUPER:  Why did you get vaccinated against COVID-19?
SUPER:  Housewife
Mother:  I am a housewife
I have a five-year-old son

There was a confirmed case in our neighbouring building and it was locked down
Suddenly I felt that COVID-19 was so close to me
I was a bit worried
We felt more at ease after getting vaccinated
I wanted to protect myself and protect my family
SUPER:  Foreign Domestic Helper
Foreign domestic helper:  I need to go out every day
I also got vaccinated to give myself more protection
Mother:  Actually, I think Hong Kong is doing well in infection control,
so I feel even more confident after I got vaccinated!
SUPER:  Protect yourself and others
Get Vaccinated
Hotline: 3142 2366
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