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Protect Yourself and Others  Get Vaccinated Series (Episode 1)

SUPER: Why did you get vaccinated against COVID-19?
SUPER: Housewife
Mother: There is a chance of spreading the virus to my family
With more protection for us after getting vaccinated,
why not?
SUPER: Foreign Domestic Helper
Foreign domestic helper: I need to go out every day
I also got vaccinated to give myself more protection
Mother: I got vaccinated
And I asked my husband to do it too
I hope we can all get back to normal life soon
Son: With more people getting vaccinated
I'll have more protection!
Mother: Protection will be effective
14 days after the second dose
Nevertheless, I will maintain personal hygiene and wear a mask!
SUPER: Protect yourself and others
Get Vaccinated
Hotline: 3142 2366
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