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Learn more about skin problems  Embrace differences  Live in Harmony

MVO(1):  I want people to be happy to see me
FVO(1):  to chat with me
MVO(2):  and to hang out with me
MVO(1):  But…
FVO(1):  if I reveal what's underneath
MVO(2):  would they still treat me in the same light?
Tsang Yee Ting:  Many skin conditions do not affect others
Super:  HK Karate Athlete
Tsang Yee Ting

Acne Vulgaris
Burn Scars
Tsang Yee Ting:  Be understanding and accepting
We will find greater happiness and confidence

Learn more about skin problems
All:  Embrace differences, live in harmony
End Super:  Learn More About Skin Problems
Embrace Differences  Live in Harmony
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