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Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance – Commencement of First Batch of Licences

Doctor:  Besides professional teams
appropriate equipment
and clean environment
we also need to get relevant licences
under the Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance
Super:  Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance
Hospitals / Day Procedure Centres / Clinics
Doctor:  Comply with the issued Codes of Practice
Super:  Codes of Practice
Doctor:  and set up a complaints handling mechanism
to protect patients' safety and rights
MVO:  The first batch of licences is in effect
Super:  Hospital licences and first batch of
Day Procedure Centre Licences
January 1, 2021
MVO:  Applications for Day Procedure Centre licences are still open
Super:  Day Procedure Centre Licences open for application
MVO:  Details for clinic licences and letters of exemption
will be announced later
Super:  Licences and letters of
exemption for clinics
to be announced
Doctor:  Please visit
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