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EatSmart Restaurant Star+ Campaign

Friend A:
 (Cantonese VO) 
What would you like to have?
Friend B:
 (Cantonese VO) 
Dishes with more fruit and vegetables!
Super:  "More Fruit and Vegetables" dishes
Friend C:
 (Cantonese VO) 
Dishes with less fat or oil, salt and sugar!
Super:  "3 Less" dishes
Friend D:
 (Cantonese VO) 
It's even better if there are promotional offers!
Super:  EatSmart Promotion
50% off
Friend A:
 (Cantonese VO) 
To meet your requirements, let's pick this restaurant!
English VO:  EatSmart Restaurants
are classified as one-star, two-star or three-star
based on the EatSmart Dishes and the promotion they offer
They can be found in every district
Customers can enjoy healthy dishes
for dine-in meals or takeaway
Cafeteria owner:
 (Cantonese VO) 
Become an EatSmart Restaurant now!
Super:  Decal of "EatSmart Restaurant Star+" Campaign
The More Stars, the Smarter
Search Box: EatSmart Restaurant
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