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Learn the beach flag signals   Swim safely

Father VO:  Red light. Don't walk!
Mother VO:  Red line. Don't go!
Character VO:  Red flag. Don't swim!
Character:  When a red flag is hoisted, it can mean rough seas, bad weather, a red tide, water pollution or other dangers .
Super:  Rough seas  bad weather  red tide  water pollution
Character:  Please don't swim during these conditions
Kid:  When can we swim?
Character:  Even when red flags are removed, it's safe only when the red and yellow flag is hoisted
Super:  Lifeguard on duty/First aid services
Character:  Parents must take care of their children at swimming pools and beaches
Super:  Swimming Pools/Beaches
Take care of your children!
Character:  Learn the beach flag signals. Swim safely.
Super:  Learn the beach flag signals. Swim safely.
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