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Emergency Alert System

(English subtitle) 
Honey, the typhoon is gone! I have to return to work!
Super:  Road conditions are dangerous due to extensive fallen trees.
All MTR and bus services are still suspended.
(English subtitle) 
Look at this phone message. It’s dangerous outside
Public transport services are still suspended
Super:  Extreme Weather
MVO:  The Government has set up an emergency alert system
to send instant messages on extreme weather
Super:  Serious Public Safety Incidents
Health Incidents
MVO:  serious public safety and health incidents and more
to mobile phone users
so that the public can adopt contingency measures quickly
Super:  Sending the messages
does not involve personal data or additional charges
MVO:  You may need to update your mobile phone settings
to receive these emergency messages
For enquiries, please contact your mobile operator
(English subtitle) 
What a mess on the roads! I’d better not go out now!
Super:  Stay Alert at All Times
Upon Receiving Emergency Messages
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