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Employers must check a job seeker's identity

Female employer: Do you have a Hong Kong identity card?
Male contractor: Do you have any work experience? Any proof?
Female manager: How long have you lived in Hong Kong?
VO: Employers should ask questions relating to
a job seeker's identity to avoid hiring illegal workers
VO: Employing illegal workers is a serious offence
The maximum penalty is 10 years' imprisonment
and a $500,000 fine
Super: Employing illegal workers
Maximum penalty:
10 years' imprisonment and
$500,000 fine
VO: Call the Immigration Department at 2824 1551
when in doubt
Super: Immigration Department Hotline:
2824 1551
VO / Super: Employers must check a job seeker's identity
Super: ImmD Logo
Immigration Department hotline: 2824 1551
Fax: 2824 1166

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