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Don't Hire Illegal Workers

VO: Who's the worst person to hire?
SUPER: Worst person to hire?
VO: A slacker?
SUPER: Slacker
VO: A gossiper?
SUPER: Gossiper
VO: A toady?
SUPER: Toady
VO: Worse than that?
Interviewee: Boss, we only have recognizance forms, but we're very cheap to hire.
Boss: Good!
The Toady: My domestic helper and a visitor friend are also cheap to hire.
Boss: Let's get them started.
VO: The worst person to hire is definitely an illegal worker!
SUPER: Illegal Worker
VO: Employing illegal workers is a serious offence
SUPER: Maximum penalty:
10 years' imprisonment
and $500,000 fine
VO: Once sentenced, the employer must go to jail immediately!
SUPER: Employers of illegal workers should be jailed immediately
VO: Immigration Reporting Hotline: 2824 1551
SUPER: Don't Hire Illegal Workers
Immigration Reporting Hotline: 2824 1551
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