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The Territory-wide Identity Card Replacement Exercise (Born in 2005 to 2007 or 2012 to 2018)

MVO (AI Voice): Captain, are you ready?
Chilam: I'm ready!
Super: Julian Cheung
MVO (AI Voice): Those holding the old form of smart ID card
and born in 2005 to 2007
Super: Born in 2005 to 2007
MVO (AI Voice): or 2012 to 2018
Super: Born in 2012 to 2018
MVO (AI Voice): must replace their ID card on or before
September 18 this year
Super: Replace ID card on or before
September 18, 2021
Kids: Wow!
MVO (AI Voice): with the required documents
and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian
Super: Old form of smart ID card

Parent's ID card or
legal guardian's ID card and proof

Passport or recent school
document (age under 11)
MVO (AI Voice): Two family members or friends aged 65 or above
and two persons with disabilities
can join the applicant to replace ID cards together
Super: 1 applicant + 2 family members or friends aged 65 or above + 2 persons with disabilities
MVO (AI Voice): For details, visit
Super: New smart HKIC logo
A New Era We Embrace
A Brighter Future We Create

Tel: 2121 1234
Chilam: Remember to book ahead!
Super: ImmD Crest

Booking and form pre-filling
via Internet/mobile app

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