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Community Care Fund's living subsidy 2021 (2-person households)

VO:  The Community Care Fund
has launched the living subsidy programme
for eligible non-public housing and non-CSSA
low-income households
to relieve their financial pressure
Super:  1-person households                 $4,500
2-person households                 $9,000
3-person households                 $12,500
4-person households                 $14,500
5-or-more-person households    $15,500
VO:  Applications are being handled in phases
Super:  1-person households                 From Jan 2021
2-person households                 From Feb 2021
3-person households                 From Mar 2021
4-or-more-person households    From Apr 2021
VO:  Two-person households can submit applications
from now until the 31st of May
Super:  2-person households
From 1 Feb to 31 May 2021
VO:  Old applicant households should reply to confirm eligibility
after receiving letters
For details, please visit the website or call 2180 6666
Super:  Community Care Fund
Living Subsidy for Non-Public Housing and Non-CSSA Households
2180 6666

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