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The New Territories Cycle Track Network - Enjoy Cycling  Safety First

Super: New Territories Cycle Track Network
FVO: When you cycle, follow traffic rules
Super: Former Hong Kong Cycling Team Athlete
Ma Yin-yu
MVO: Be aware of traffic and traffic signs
Super: Do not ride on footpaths
FVO: Do not ride on footpaths
MVO: Follow the signs. Dismount and push your bike across roads
Super: Slow down and give way
FVO: Give way to other road users
Super: Slow down on steep cycleways
FVO: Slow down and control your speed by braking on steep cycleways
FVO: Dismount and walk if needed. Cycle within your ability
FVO: Wear a safety helmet and other personal protective equipment
MVO: Make sure your bike is suitable and safe to ride
FVO: Enjoy cycling
MVO: Safety first
Super: Enjoy cycling
Safety first
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