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Ending deception starts with you

Super:  The Little Grape
The Little Grape:  Hello, I am the Little Grape!
Daughter:  Why is this little grape on TV?
Super:  The Little Grape
Stay alert to scams
The Little Grape:  Because I am here to alert citizens to scams
When you shop online, stay alert to scams
When you date online, stay alert to scams
And when you receive unknown phone calls, stay alert to scams
Super:  Remind people around you
The Little Grape:  I never get tired of reminding
Super:  Hang up if in doubt
Think before you transfer any money!
Check with family and friends first
The Little Grape:  I love reminding my family and people around me to stay alert to scams
Ending deception starts with you
Super:  Ending Deception Starts with You
Police Anti-Scam Helpline 18222
Fight Crime LOGO
The Little Grape:  Keep silent? No way

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