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Spending Together Boosting the Economy: Use Consumption Vouchers at local merchants

MVO: With consumption vouchers
shopping feels great!
Whether it's for retail
or services
you can use them at both physical
and online stores of local merchants!
For Octopus, just tap the card as usual
SUPER: Octopus Logo
MVO: For other stored value facilities
use the vouchers in the mobile app
SUPER: AlipayHK Logo
Tap & Go Logo
WeChat Pay HK Logo
MVO: Remember to check the expiry date!
For details, visit
Consumption Voucher Scheme Logo
FS: Spending Together, Boosting the Economy
MVO: Remember: Don't waste the vouchers
Check the expiry date
SUPER: Spending Together Boosting the Economy
Consumption Voucher Scheme Logo
Hotline: 18 5000

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