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Spending Together Boosting the Economy: Consumption Voucher Scheme registration closes on August 14

MVO: Don’t hesitate!
SUPER: Consumption Voucher Scheme Logo
MVO: The Consumption Voucher Scheme
is now accepting registrations!

Eligible Hong Kong permanent residents
and new arrivals aged 18 or above
SUPER: Hong Kong
permanent residents
New arrivals
aged 18 or above
MVO: can register at
MVO: by August 14
SUPER: August 14
MVO: or submit a paper form to designated banks or post offices
SUPER: Paper forms
MVO: Pick one of the four stored value facilities
SUPER: AlipayHK Logo
Octopus Logo
Tap & Go Logo
WeChat Pay HK Logo
MVO: to receive your $5,000 consumption voucher by instalments
SUPER: $5,000
FS: Spending Together, Boosting the Economy
MVO: Remember: Don’t waste the chance
Act now and register!
SUPER: Spending Together Boosting the Economy
Consumption Voucher Scheme Logo
Hotline: 18 5000

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