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Small levy, big protection

Super: Insurance Policy
FVO: Insurance coverage with extra protection
gives you added peace of mind
Super: Insurance Plan
FVO: A small levy can enhance regulation of the insurance industry
and protection for policyholders
Super: From April 1, 2021
FVO: Under the system from April 1, 2021
Super: Levy
FVO: the Insurance Authority collects a levy from policyholders at a new rate
Super: 0.1%
FVO: which is 0.1% of the insurance premiums
and the cap has been adjusted accordingly
Super: Insurance Company
Logo of Insurance Authority
FVO: Insurers have been directed to collect the levy for the Authority
Please contact your insurer for details
Small levy, big protection
Super: Small Levy  Big Protection
Logo of Insurance Authority Logo of FSTB

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