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2021 Voter Registration Campaign – Check registration particulars for geographical and functional constituencies

Grandpa:  Mail from the Registration and Electoral Office!
Grandson:  Grandpa, this letter is for confirmation of your elector status.
Reply quickly!
Grandpa:  I'll do it now!
MVO:  Provisional registers and omissions lists for geographical and functional constituencies
Super:  September 26, 2021
Provisional Registers and Omissions Lists for Geographical Constituencies and Functional Constituencies Released
MVO:  were released on September 26.
MVO:  Check your particulars at
Super:  Online Voter Information Enquiry System
MVO:  If you receive a reminding letter asking you to reply,
please reply by October 9 by post, email or fax
Super:  Reply to Reminding Letters by October 9
Check your particulars now!
Super:  Check Registration Particulars
Deadline: October 9
Enquiries: 2891 1001
MVO:  For enquiries, call 2891 1001

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