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2021 Voter Registration Campaign – Register as an elector

Father:  Son, have you registered as an elector?
Son:  Yes, I did that online. Grandma, how about you?
Grandma:  I haven't registered yet…
MVO:  If you are eligible to register as electors in geographical or functional constituencies,
submit application by May 2
Super:  Register as an elector
by May 2
MVO:  Provide phone number and email address
You may submit application by post, email or fax or online.
If you receive a letter for address checking
reply promptly
Register as an elector now!
Super:  Register as an elector
Deadline: May 2
Enquiries: 2891 1001
Logo of Voter Registration Campaign
MVO:  For enquiries, call 2891 1001

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