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2021 Voter Registration Campaign – Update voter registration particulars

Husband:  Did we miss anything?
Wife:  Um… Yes! We have moved.
We need to update our registration particulars now.
MVO:  Eletcors who have moved should update their registration particulars by April 2.
Super:  Update voter registration particulars
by April 2
MVO:  You may submit your application by post, email or fax or online.
Remember to submit address proof for change of residential address.
The deadline is the same for change of functional constituency.
Super:  Change of Functional Constituency
MVO:  Check your particulars on
For enquiries, call 2891 1001
Super:  Online Voter Information Enquiry System
For enquiries, call 2891 1001
Update your particulars now!
Super:  Update Registration Particulars
Deadline: April 2
Enquiries: 2891 1001
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