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2021 Population Census - Verify Census Officers' Identity

Security:  They are Census Officers
Son:  How do you know?
Security:  They wear a uniform
SUPER:  Purple uniform
Father:  and a badge
SUPER:  Badge
Father:  and carry a red satchel
SUPER:  Red satchel printed with 2021 Population Census logo
Male Census Officer:  and a Census Officer Certificate of Identity
SUPER:  Census Officer Certificate of Identity
Female Census Officer:  If in doubt, you can call 18 2021
Father:  We have filled in the questionnaire online
Female Census Officer:  From July 18, the Census and Statistics Department will visit households that have yet to submit the questionnaire or have made an appointment. We will not visit the households that have submitted the questionnaire
SUPER:  2021 Population Census logo
Census and Statistics Department logo
Verify Census Officers' identity before letting them in
Census hotline: 18 2021

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