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2021 Population Census - Questionnaire Submission

Mother: It's the population census notification letter
How do we submit the questionnaire?
Son: From June 23, all households will receive the letter
We can complete the questionnaire online
or call 18 2021 for an interview
All data will be kept in strict confidence
Let's see if Grandma has received the letter yet
Grandmother: I'll return the paper questionnaire to the Census and Statistics Department by post
Son: Complete the census online, by phone or by post
before July 18
SUPER: 1. Online questionnaire
2. Telephone interview (hotline: 18 2021)
3. Postal return (for households receiving paper questionnaires)
MVO: Online Census: Convenient, Secure and Green
SUPER: 2021 Population Census logo
Census and Statistics Department logo
Online Census: Convenient, Secure and Green
Census hotline: 18 2021

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