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Don't be K.O.'d by Ketamine

MVO:  Ketamine will damage your brain
causing addiction
depression and panic
Super:  Hallucination   Addiction
Anxiety   Depression
MVO:  It will also harm your bladder, cause bladder contracture and incontinence, and make you go to the toilet often!
Female passenger:  Are you OK?
Male passenger:  Stop the bus!
Female passenger:  Hey! Hey!
He's KO'd by ketamine!
MVO:  Call 186 186
or send a message via WhatsApp
or WeChat to 98 186 186 to seek help.
Don't be KO'd by Ketamine!
Super:  Seek Help/Enquiries
Hotline: 186 186
WhatsApp/WeChat: 98 186 186
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Don't be KO'd by Ketamine!

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