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#StrongerTogetherHK - Thank you, for fighting the virus together

Dr Catherine Chan:  Hong Kong, simply put, is home

Super:  #StrongerTogetherHK

Dr Catherine Chan
— Together, we fight the virus

Dr Catherine Chan:  At this critical juncture
it's up to us to defeat the epidemic
We must battle it together, all of us

Full-time mum,  
We'd exchange toilet rolls and surgical masks
asking "Do you have enough?"
"I can spare some"
Remarkably, this has galvanised Hong Kong's caring spirit

Super:  Full-time mum, Nicky
— Sharing is caring

Senior Immigration Officer,  
Mickie Choi: 
The absolute majority of people in Hong Kong are united in this
Everyone has a role to play in fighting this epidemic

Super:  Senior Immigration Officer, Mickie Choi
— Everyone stays alert

Construction worker of  
quarantine centre,  
Jaswant Singh: 
I hope we'll be back on our feet very soon in Hong Kong

Super:  Quarantine centre construction worker,
Jaswant Singh
— Pray for a speedy recovery

Siu Man-chun: 
To get through this, all of Hong Kong must join together

Super:  Ambulanceman, Siu Man-chun
— We act as one

Lee Wah: 
If we all do our duties as best as we can
the epidemic will end very soon

Super:  Postman, Lee Wah
— All have a role to play

Country park warden,
Chan Lok-sam: 
When walking uphill, slow as it may be
you will reach the peak
From there, you will see Hong Kong is still as beautiful as ever!

Super:  Country park warden, Chan Lok-sam
— Out of the valley

All:  Salute to every Hong Konger

Super:  Thank you, for fighting the virus together!

#StrongerTogetherHK #TogetherWeFightTheVirus

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