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Stop Violence  Think of the Consequences (Web accessible version)

Description of Visuals:  All the point-of-view shots in this video are displayed in black and white, with orange superimposed text.

The shadow of a wire fence is seen on a road and there are two gloved hands. The left one is holding a brick and the right one is carrying a lighted petrol bomb.

The text at the top says "Criminal Damage  Maximum Penalty 10 years".

The voice-over says:

VO:  We all have to account for our actions.

Description of Visuals:  The shadow of railings is then seen on a road. There are two gloved hands, with metal pellets in the left one and a slingshot in the right one.

The text at the top says, "Assaulting a Police Officer  Maximum Penalty 2 years".

Then an open backpack is shown on the ground and there is a water bottle in it. A gloved hand puts a hammer into the backpack and then a metal pipe is inserted by another gloved hand.

The text at the top says, "Possession of Offensive Weapon  Maximum Penalty 3 years".

Two hands are then seen tying the shoelaces of a sneaker. An umbrella is on the ground, and there are some silhouettes of people walking past.

The text at the top says, "Taking Part in an Unlawful Assembly  Maximum Penalty 5 years".

The next shot shows two gloved hands holding a respirator.

The text at the top says, "Taking Part in a Riot  Maximum Penalty 10 years".

A new point-of-view shot shows two hands putting protective goggles over the eyes. The screen then blurs.

The voice-over says:

MVO:  So, before you act, think.

Description of Visuals:  The scene changes to a prison cell.

Two handcuffed hands rise from the bottom of the screen to the center.

The text at the top says, "Think of the consequences for you, for your family, for your future".

The voice-over says:

MVO:  Think of the consequences

for you, for your family, for your future

Description of Visuals:  Finally, the screen turns black

and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region emblem is shown in the centre of the screen.

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