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Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme

Ha Yu (actor): You all know how to use elderly health care vouchers, right?
If you're an elderly person with a valid Hong Kong identity card
Super: ✓Holding valid Hong Kong identity card
Ha Yu (actor): starting from January 1 of the year in which you turn 65
Super: ✓Turning 65 in that year
Ha Yu (actor): you are entitled to the voucher amount of $2,000 each year
Super: Annual voucher amount: $2,000
Ha Yu (actor): Unspent vouchers can be accumulated up to $8,000
Super: Accumulation limit of vouchers: $8,000
Ha Yu (actor): You can use the vouchers not only for seeing doctors
Super: Rehabilitation services
Treatment services
Ha Yu (actor): but also for preventive care services
such as health assessments and dental check-ups
Super: Preventive care services
Ha Yu (actor): Prevention is better than cure
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