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Vaccination Subsidy Scheme (Seasonal Influenza Vaccination)

Middle-aged woman (subtitle): The Government has expanded the Vaccination Subsidy Scheme
I'd better get the influenza vaccination at once!
Middle-aged man (subtitle): We just turned 50. Are we eligible too?
English MVO+subtitle: The subsidy covers persons aged 50 or above
Super: Eligible groups include:
  • Persons aged 50 or above
  • Pregnant women
  • Children aged 6 months to under 12 years (or primary school students)
  • Persons with intellectual disability
  • Persons receiving Disability Allowance
  • Recipients of standard rate of "100% disabled" or “requiring constant
    attendance” under the CSSA Scheme
English MVO+ subtitle: Pregnant women, children, persons with intellectual disability
persons receiving Disability Allowance and certain CSSA recipients
can also receive subsidised influenza vaccination
from private doctors enrolled in the Scheme
The subsidy has been increased to $240 per dose
For details, visit
Super: Prevent Influenza
Get Vaccinated Now
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