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Clean your hands   Prevent infection

MVO :  Our hands often touch public items
covered with viruses and bacteria
When we touch our eyes, nose or mouth
the pathogens can enter the body
Health is in our hands!
Super :  Health is in our hands
MVO :  To prevent infection
follow the seven hand cleaning steps
Rub hands for 20 seconds
Super :  Seven hand cleaning steps

Back of hands
Between fingers
Back of fingers

Rub for 20 seconds
MVO :  Rinse thoroughly
Dry with a clean cloth or paper towel

If you can't wash your hands
and they aren't visibly soiled
use an alcohol-based handrub
Super :  70% - 80% alcohol-based handrub
MVO :  Clean your hands
Prevent infection
Super :  Clean your hands   Prevent infections
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MVO :  What if our hands get dirty again?
Clean them properly!

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