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Test promptly for early detection

SUPER:  Do Do Cheng
Dr Thomas Tsang
Do Do Cheng:  The symptoms of COVID-19 can be mild
Dr Thomas Tsang:  Don’t go to work or school if feeling unwell
Wear a mask
Consult a doctor promptly
You can ask doctors at accident and emergency departments
general out-patient clinics, private hospitals or clinics
SUPER:  Accident and emergency departments
General out-patient clinics
Private hospitals or clinics
Dr Thomas Tsang:  for free testing provided by the Department of Health
SUPER:  Department of Health provides
free testing
Do Do Cheng:  Return the specimen to a designated collection point
SUPER:  Designated collection points of
Department of Health or
Hospital Authority
Do Do Cheng:  or use the door-to-door specimen collection service for a fee
Do Do Cheng & Dr Thomas Tsang:  Test promptly for early detection
SUPER:  Test Promptly for early detection
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