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Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance–Applications for Day Procedure Centre Licences

Male patient:  Doctor, there are so many certificates and licences!
Female doctor:  Not just these
We also have to apply for a day procedure centre licence
To protect patient safety and rights
the Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance requires that
private healthcare facilities where doctors or dentists practise
must apply for relevant licences
Super:  Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance
  • Hospitals
  • Day procedure centres
  • Clinics
Female doctor:  Applications for licences for day procedure centres
can be made from January 2, 2020
Super:  Applications for
day procedure centre licences
start on January 2, 2020
Female doctor:  The application dates for licences and letters of exemption for clinics
will be announced later
Day procedure centres

To be announced
Female doctor:  Visit for details on licence types and more
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Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance

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