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Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme (Aged 50-75 years)

Middle-aged person A: 
No matter how busy we are
Middle-aged person B: 
health must come first
Middle-aged person C: 
Eat healthy
Middle-aged person D: 
Exercise every day
A group of middle-aged  
and elderly persons: 
and take steps to prevent colorectal cancer!
MVO:  Hong Kong residents aged 50 to 75
Super:  50 to 75 years old
MVO:  can get a government subsidy to receive free screening
and, when necessary
undergo colonoscopy to remove polyps to prevent cancer
Super:  Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme
MVO:  To know more, visit
MVO:  or call 3565 6288
Super:  Telephone: 3565 6288
Super:  Colorectal Cancer Screening Programme
50 to 75 years old
Telephone: 3565 6288
Centre for Health Protection
Department of Health

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