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Youth Employment and Training Programme

Super:  Leaving school
Proceed to the next level
Boy:  Skills and experience levels not high enough?
Super:  Skills Level
Experience Level
Girl:  How do we move forward?
YETP man:  Boom! Everyone has talent! The Labour Department’s Youth Employment and Training Programme (YETP)
YETP man:  is open to school leavers aged 15 to 24 at sub-degree level or below
Super:  Aged 15 to 24
Sub-degree level or below
School leavers
YETP man:  The YETP offers career guidance, pre-employment training,
Super:  Career guidance
Pre-employment training
YETP man:  workplace attachments and paid on-the-job training
Super:  Workplace attachments
Paid on-the-job training
Boy & Girl:  Do we need to pay?
Super:  Fee
YETP man:  The YETP is free of charge and offers you an allowance
Super:  Allowance
YETP man:  Join YETP – job search made easy! Visit to enrol now
Super:  Youth Employment and Training Programme logo
Labour Department logo
2112 9932

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