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Tips for purchasing private niches

MVO:  The Private Columbaria Ordinance has come into effect
Super:  The Private Columbaria Ordinance
MVO:  Potential buyers of private niches
are reminded of the following tips
Super:  TIPS
MVO:  One, you should buy niches directly from licence holders
Super:  1 Licence holders
MVO:  Two, make sure all fees and charges are clearly stated
in the sale agreement
Super:  2 Niche Sale Agreement
Fees and charges
MVO:  Three, if the seller is not a licence holder
the consumer has the right to cancel the sale agreement
Super:  3 Consumer
Non-licence holder
MVO:  To check the Register of Private Columbaria
Super:  Register of Private Columbaria
MVO:  and other information for consumers
Super:  Information for consumers
MVO:  visit
Super:  Regulation of Private Columbaria
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