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Positive Parent Campaign — Hand in hand, connect with love and grow together (Web accessible version)

Description of visuals:  At the start of the animation, a queen is speaking to a magic mirror inside a castle.
Queen:  Mirror, am I the most perfect mother of all?
Mirror:  You put many efforts in raising the child. But no one is perfect
Description of visuals:  The animation then transits to a real scene of a living room.
A girl is doing her homework while her mother is supervising. But her mother is not pleased as the daughter's handwriting is not neat enough. Her mother instructs the daughter to rub out everything and to rewrite.
Mother:  Write neatly!
Mirror:  I know you always strive for perfection
Description of visuals:  In the same living room, the daughter is looking at a mirror. Her mother thinks the daughter's hair is not tidy enough and helps her daughter tie it up, while the daughter shows reluctance.
Mother:  Tie your hair up!
Mirror:  It puts a lot of pressure on your child
Description of visuals:  The scene then shows the mother angrily pointing at the daughter's homework and scolding her. The daughter looks dispirited and is twitching her fingers. The mother sees her daughter's response, and reflects on herself.
VO:  When parents are stressed out, their children can't be at ease
Description of visuals:  The scene shows the mother opening the curtains and looking out of the window. She enjoys the scenery outside, and after a while, sits down to read a book.
VO:  Learn to relax, and give yourself some space
Learn to let go, and give your child room to developAccompany them to grow up happily
Super:  The scene then shows the mother and the daughter happily making a cake together. The mother gives her daughter a thumbs-up to encourage her. They then taste the cake and give each other high-fives happily.
The last scene shows the animation changing from the cartoon queen to cartoon mother, the logo of the Education Bureau and the Positive Parent Campaign.
The screen also shows the slogan "Hand in hand, connect with love and grow together"
VO:  Hand in hand
Daughter:  connect with love and grow together

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