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Positive Parent Campaign — Raise your child with love, not excessive competition (Web accessible version)

Description of visuals:  At the start of the animation, a banner of "Parent-child Running Day is hanging over the fields in the countryside". There are three groups of animals competing in a race. They are, from left to right, Mother Turtle and son, Mother Duck and son, and Mother Sheep and daughter.
The turtle team is lagging behind the other two teams.
Little turtle:  Mum, even if I keep walking, I'll only cover a short distance
Mother turtle:  Take your time. Just keep going and you'll get there
Description of visuals:  On the other side of the field, Mother Rabbit and her son are also competing in the race. The son is running as fast as he can, but Mother Rabbit keeps urging him on.
The son collapses, but his mother tries to drag him to continue to run.
Mother rabbit:  Hurry up! We have to break the record
Little rabbit:  I've tried my best
Description of visuals:  The animation then transits to a real scene. A boy has fallen asleep on his desk. His mother enters the room with an exercise book. As she sees that her son is exhausted, she feels guilty.
The camera focuses on a packed study and extra-curricular activities timetable on the wall.
Little brother:  I've tried my best, Mum
Description of visuals:  In the living room, the mother is playing modelling clay with the boy. The father and the elder sister are reading a book together.
VO:  Every child is unique in their character and abilities
Description of visuals:  The scene shows the family sitting on a sofa. From left to right we see the father, the mother, the son and his elder sister. The son is holding a clay rabbit and a clay turtle that he made, and telling stories to his parents.
Little brother:  The rabbit is a good runner, the turtle is a good swimmer
Elder sister:  They have their own strengths and merits
Description of visuals:  A certificate of service is displayed in the home. Next to it are some clay figurines: Mother Rabbit and her son, Mother Turtle and her son.
VO:  Help your child reach their full potential
Description of visuals:  The scene changes to an outdoor charity sale. The family participates in the event. The siblings are arranging the items while the parents are helping out. The family is enjoying the event together.
VO:  so that they can grow up happily
Description of visuals:  The cartoon rabbit son, the logo of the Education Bureau, and the Positive Parent Campaign appear on the screen. The screen also shows the slogan “Raise your child with love, not excessive competition”
VO:  Raise your child with love,
Children:  not excessive competition

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